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LEDAVI Network is a “Network of Talents” comprised of agencies and Tech / social media platforms which support brands in Emotional Brand Building.

LEDAVI Network

  • provides extensive insight into affinity target groups and their living environments
    (e.g. Sports, Music, Fashion and Lifestyle, Entertainment, Film and Gaming)
  • positions brands and products into target environments
  • links technology, media and digital communications
  • makes brands essential to emotional experience and connections

More specifically LEDAVI Network focuses on

  • integrated communication strategies
  • developing creative und emotional brand building concepts
  • project coordination and management
  • full service execution


LEDAVI is shorthand for “Leonardo da Vinci” and refers to his great universal genius. LEDAVI aims to emulate his visionary power based on his 3 most remarkable skills:  

  • Leonardo, the visionary:
    eminent scientist, mathematician, physicist and great anatomist of his time.
  • Leonardo, der artist:
    one of the greatest creators of art history.
  • Leonardo, der architect:
    designed, orchestrated, coordinated and managed hundreds of people and creative projects during his time.

    The union of these three capabilities exists at the core of the LEDAVI principle. All emotional brand building processes, team structures and projects at LEDAVI Network are based on this sole unified principle. At LEDAVI Network we believe that successful communication solutions are derived through strategic precision, creative empowerment and discipline in execution.



Successful brand communication is always content driven, emotional, interdisciplinary and integrative. Emotional Brand Building creates a radically new synergetic use of different communication tools and media; consistently achieved through credible and relevant storytelling. Content, Context and Campaigns are key to the success of modern brand communication; as they guarantee the development of emotional brand substance. 

As such, the scope of LEDAVI Network aims to provide comprehensive solutions spanning from strategy to media and live communication. Our specific network organization structure utilizes goal oriented and interdisciplinary cooperation; facilitating synergies, from which our partners and their clients directly benefit.


Best Practise due to

  • interdisciplinary strategy approach
  • synergetic collaboration of full service and specialized agencies in Berlin, München, Hamburg and Stuttgart
  • international and interdisciplinary “Talent Network”
  • wide network of international rights owners in sports, music, film and entertainment
  • utilization of dialogue and communication platforms to create emotional brand substance

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The LEDAVI Network is a network of talents comprised of our associate agency partners, owners and employees. Customers can benefit from individual agencies or the entire LEDAVI Network depending on the task. The network is organized and designed to be both flexible and lean, allowing for the creation of tailored interdisciplinary project teams within the LEDAVI Network. Each project team utilizes the cross-network pool of agency resources to provide actionable solutions for any task. Strategic network processes are controlled by LEDAVI Consulting and the Strategy Board, which is comprised of a managing director of each agency.